User Agent String explained on Browsers !

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 User Agent String.Com

Copy/paste any user agent string in this field and click ‘Analyze’
ChromeChrome 84.0.4147.105
Mozilla MozillaProductSlice. Claims to be a Mozilla based user agent, which is only true for Gecko browsers like Firefox and Netscape. For all other user agents it means ‘Mozilla-compatible’. In modern browsers, this is only used for historical reasons. It has no real meaning anymore
5.0 Mozilla version
Windows NT 10.0 Operating System:
icon Windows 10
Win64 (Win32 for 64-Bit-Windows) API implemented on 64-bit platforms of the Windows architecture – currently AMD64 and IA64
x64 64-bit windows version
AppleWebKit The Web Kit provides a set of core classes to display web content in windows
537.36 Web Kit build
KHTML Open Source HTML layout engine developed by the KDE project
like Gecko like Gecko…
Chrome Name :
84.0.4147.105 Chrome version
Safari Based on Safari
537.36 Safari build
OPR ???
70.0.3728.106 ???
Description: Free open-source web browser developed by Google. Chromium is the name of the open source project behind Google Chrome, released under the BSD license.

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